Offshore Rib Rally - The Company

The complete program and all at the events of the Offshore Rib Rally are organized by the company of ORR 785 BV. The name is obiviously the abbreviation of Offshore Rib Rally, the number 785 is the actual length of our RIBs!

This Dutch founded company, based in Tiel, The Netherlands, owns a fleet of 14 identical RIBs, and has been organizing Rib Rally Events since 2006 already!

Over the past years, both rally and corporate events have been held in The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Curacao, Bonaire, Bahamas and Miami - Florida. Since 2013, we have setup a second base in the Mediterranean area of Spain. Barcelona, Ibiza and Mallorca have become our second home base for operation spectaculair events in all segments of our services.

The people behind the company are from the industries of hospitality, adventurous event management and polyester boating building on the high-end level whom are all passionated about the experience of high speed boating and adventure sports.

Sharing this passion is what we like, it is what we do...


Job Opportunity:

We are looking for a new team-member in the field of Sales - Marketing and Back-office. Download the function profile to get more information. When interested, please contact us at


Meet the operational crew:

  Sijbrand 'Brando" Booij - Company and Event Manager

His adventure career started in 2005, becoming the Operationa Manager of an outdoor sports resort in The Netherlands. Within 2 years, he obtained an extra job: event manager of the Dutch Selection contest for the famous Rubson Raid Turquoise, held in Thailand in 2006.

Getting experience as a participants in that event as well, it was Sijbrand that fullfilled the job of Endurance Rally Director in the Red Sea Rib Rally 2007, after which he became on of the three partners and the Company Manager in the Offshore Rib Rally 785 Company. Now sharing his passion for adventure, creating magnificent events on the water and experiencing his own adventures in the desert as navigator in an Offroad Rally Team, he is gaining more and more experience in all fields of Adventure Management. 

  Sabine de Langen - Sales and Hospitality

Being a solid team member within the crew of Sijbrand / Brando for over 6 years now, Sabine has gained her level of experience in Sales and Guest Hospitality. Next to that, she has been heading up the RIBLadies team for the last 3 years! So, not only in realizing great guest relations and experiences Sabine is a very helpful team member, it is a team member that can tell about those experiences on first hand!

  Vincent de Kruijf - Technics and Logistics

An eager young man, swiftly developing into an Extreme Sports Specialist with a high service-attitude. He joined our organisation as an intern about 4 years ago and has managed to make himself highly valuable as a logistical and technical manager. But, don't underestimate his abilities to drive our RIBs, especially during our high leveled RIB-Support requests! Flown into several parts of Europe for navigating the support ribs, he has become a welcomed member of the J-Class family as well!

  Bert-Jan Reijgwart - Rally Director

What is there to say about Bert-Jan, the Birdman... Well, a lot actually. Everybody within the scene is remembering his famous words during the frist briefing of the Rib Rally Curacao 2009, on his first job as Rally Director: "Look out on the ocean guys, there are big golfs today!" And the ice was broken indefinately... With  his experience as an event manager for rally car racing, his unleveled charm to wipe out problems and boating knowledge, he is the right man for the job...

  Guus Stalenhoef - Yamaha Engineer

The guy that fixes all. A knowledgable person with many years of experience in both using boats and maintaining them, Guus has also be with the crew already since our first steps on the ocean. Taking care of all engine issues, he is making sure that all boats are equal during the rallies. An important job, as equalitity of our fleet is one of the main aspects in our rally setup!

  Branco de Lange - Technical Director

And again, a long time crew member, with us from the beginning in 2007. He owns his own car garage and dealershop and working in the crew during the Rib Rally is his way of having a great vacation! And we cannot blame these thoughts!