We can create the most special adventure for you and your guests in all kinds of ways: from high speed short tours with a small group to your own "corporate rally" and everything in between can be organized for you!

Part of an event or main part of an event?

A Rib Experience can be part of a larger event, but it can also be a stand-alone event, the event where it's all about. Rally, cruising, lunch on the road, visits of special locations or just riding the waves, all concepts and varieties can be discussed.

​When we know what you want, what your goal for the event is, we can advise you in the best way. Some choices to make (we can always advise you):

- Do you want a RIB event, or an event with RIBs as part of the program?

- Do you want everyone to be on board at the same time or do you want an "exchange-program"?

- Do you want your guests to control the RIB themselves?

- Would you like a competionon-element?

There are also practical things to question:

- Is the boarding location the same as your deboarding location?

- How much time do you want the RIB Event to take?

- Do you have a certain budget in mind per person, or for the complete event?

These and other information make sure we can create the perfect RIB-experience for you and your guests, so that all participants will get the same passion for watersports as we already have in our DNA.