The only thing needed, is water. Our RIBs are ready for departure to every location you want. In the Netherlands and abroad.

Rivers and backwaters

Choice of location of course depends on the type of event you have in mind.

In the Netherlands, it is allowed to ride with high speed on many places. For example, cruising with 90 km/h on the Maas underneath the Erasmusbrug in the centre of Rotterdam towards the Northsea is a regular event for us. But also the Waal is a perfect river appropriate for several events, with excellent facilities for hospitality, or even smaller beaches for an intimate lunch or barbecue. You want to speed up on the Markermeer or the IJsselmeer? No problem as long as you stay on the northside of the Isle of Pampus.

We organize several events on beautiful locations and with excellent partners in the past. You can think of Muiderzand, Volendam, Hoorn, Enkhuizen and Lelystad. Topvenues for excellent events!

Seas and oceans

Our RIBs are perfect for sea-adventures. In principle, we can take any wave. But maybe your guests will not. That's an important thing to consider. The conditions at sea are less prodictable. In general it is almost always possible to go "outside", but maybe not all of your guests have "sea legs". Some examples of our locations at sea are Scheveningen, IJmuiden and Den Helder. From the last location, you can also make a combination trip to Texel. A combination of sea and river? Go to Rotterdam. Also the Westerschelde is a location we often like to go. Vlissingen, Terneuzen and Breskens, all locations which guarantee stunning trips along the most beautiful inland-shores of the Netherlands.


Mallorca and Ibiza, favourites in Europe

Because of our projects and supporting works during several sailing regatta's, 4 of our RIBs are located on Mallorca. This gives the possibility to organize beautiful "Mystical Miles Events and/or Incentives on Mallorca, but also on Ibiza, which is nearby. Next to this, also other foreign waters are known by us: Belgium, Barcelona, Allicante, Saint Tropez, you name it and we can organize your incentive there!