Sometimes they are called big Zodiacs, the Rigid Inflatable Boats, RIBs in short. Firm and fast boats, for which no sea is too high and no wind is too strong. Speed, teamwork, fun, adrenaline, everything comes together on our boats which ride the waves with speeds until 90 km/hour. Because of our fleet of 15 identical 7,85 meter long, 250HP powered Ribs, everyone can join our events!

Offshore Rib Events is born from passion. Passion for the water, passion for adrenaline and passion for enjoying the good things in life. We want to share our passion with you by making it available. With our fleet of 15 RIBs we are the only one in Europ who can offer what we offer: Branding, exposition, professionality. Everything comes together on our RIBs.

​Per RIB, until 6 guests can join us per ride. Yes there are larger RIBs, but with these RIBs we can make it possible for our guests to ride the RIBs themselves. How cool is that?! Of course, our pilot is "in control", but the guests are on the steering wheel to drive the boats through the waves.


Technical details

Brand:                             Ribeye – England

Type:                               785s – Custom Made Limited Edition

Length:                            7,85 meters

Width:                             2,50 meters

Heigth on water:             1,60 meter

Hull-shape:                      Deep-V, cuts through water

Motor:                              Yamaha V6

Power:                             250HP

Max speed:                     95kmpu / 52knots

Tank content:                  280 liter

Number of guests:           5-8, depending on the water