​Safety is on the first spot at Offshore Rib Events: Always!

​During our events we take care of the safety of your guest. On board of the RIBs and on the landings. For example we have one of our professional pilots on board of each RIB who will be controlling the gas and with this controlling the complete RIB. Also we always have the latest wheather and seaconditions present so that the program, if needed, can be adjusted to these conditions. We only work with experienced pilots and several pilots have First Aid certificates. And of course we take care of life-jackets for all guests on board.

​Participation at own risk

We take every measurement in our power to make our events as safe as possible, however, participating to events like ours is never completely without risks.

Participating our activities on the water and in the area of the water is always at own risk. Although this is logical, usual and commonly accepted, we of course always point our participants on this fact. We advise against taking personal belongings, such as phones, keys etc., but we also understand there are situations where it is not always possible to leave these items ashore. We take these situations into account during the event on the water. But, taking your belongings on board is at own risk of the participants.


​Awareness is one of the most important safety-aspects for your guests. Indeed, guests have an important share in their own safety as well. Our pilots will inform what is possible and what is not possible on the landings, in the boat and on the water. A good explanation what and how it will happen will take care of a safe and stunning tour. Next to this​, we listen to our guests on board. When someone does not like it, we adjust the speed to a comfortable level. Simple, but important.